Circe Cabin

The outside of this large cabin is painted white and looks to be very large. There is a porch with a swing on it and the arches are very fancy.

The inside is much like a regular house. There is a living room when you first walk in with stary couches and tables. There is room to the right with all the potion ingredients and utinsels. To the left is a library with all spells books. In the back of the living room there is a stair case for the bedrooms. Camper's must use magic to create their room and they make the door someplace on the staircase.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • These children can make blasts or energy that blow things away from yourself
  • These children can do all types of magic including; spells, potions, etc.
  • They usually can move things with their minds

Children of Circe always have ONE of these three abilities.

  • They can either charmspeak or persuade others to do things for them or give them things
  • Or turn humans into animals for short periods of time
  • Or they can cast illusions


  • Children of Circe are always good at gymnastics and are always very agile.

Fatal FlawEdit

Their fatal flaw is their confidence. They believe that they can do anything they want with no trouble.