Boreas Cabin

The outside of this cabin is made out of everlasting ice. A drop of water never leaves the cabin, even in direct sunlight. It is always snowing above the cabin and the chimney smoke is not from fire but from ice flames.

The inside is also made of ice. The windows appear as they are snowing. The beds are ice and the blankets and pillows are fresh soft snow. The ceiling has icicles that will never fall.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Children of Boreas can control and create ice. They can manipulate it in their favor and freeze things at will.
  • All demigods of Boreas can levitate in the air. This is not as powerful as flying but it can be very useful.
  • Some children of Boreas can fly in the air. This power can be used for travel.
  • Children of Boreas can control air. This air is always cold and is a form of Aerokinesis.
  • These demigods like the cold and are not really effected by it. They could never get the flu, a cold, or frostbite.
  • Some children can shape ice into certain shapes, like ice balls or they could create cups, bowls, or any items like that out of ice.

Fatal FlawEdit

The fatal flaw of Boreas children is that they are cold hearted. This is literal and emotional. Children of Boreas naturally feel mean and rude. Their hearts are also literally coated in a layer of ice. This would make a regular human freeze to death but because they are cold resistant, they do not die from it.