Cabin #7
Apollo Cabin

The outside of this cabin is made of pure gold. It looks like a normal gold cabin but when it is hit by the sunlight, it is almost blinding to look at. There is a mini sun that floats above the roof.

The inside is also very bright. The beds and furniture is all made of gold. There is one sun in the middle of the roof that lights the cabin. There is a room on the right that has almost every instrument ever made. There is an art studio on the left and a recording studio as well.






Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • They can heal people by singing a song or hymn to their father in Ancient Greek
  • They can curse other's to speak in rhyming couplets
  • They have great aim
  • Apollo kids are great in physical contests and activities
  • They are great artists
  • They are able to heal and harm the human body
  • They may be able to control light

Fatal FlawEdit

The fatal flaw of Apollo children is that they think way too high of themselves. They think that they are the best and nobody is better than them.